HAPPiFEET empowers parks and recreation agencies to address customer issues in real-time so they can KEEP HAPPiFEET...
because unhappy customers vote with their feet.


Users share via text, pictures or videos their experiences from any custom location. Agency staff receives and can respond to guests in real-time.

App dashboards allow agencies to track user feedback daily, weekly, annually or by any individual site in the system and use real-time data to meet and exceed community expectations.


IT'S EASY & free

One touch process
for ages 2-102

Where's My Park?

Location based interface
shows sites closest to you first

Share Feedback

Type, snap or film feedback and
send it instantly

Custom Locations

Parks, trails, facilities customized
to your jurisdiction

Instant Notification

Agencies get instant email notification
with text, pictures & videos

Multi Platform
(Android / Ios)

Apple fan or Android lover, we've
got you covered


  • Our Activate ATL comprehensive master plan’s public engagement was the most inclusive outreach effort the Department has ever undertaken. HAPPiFEETTM Atlanta Parks is one of the methods that reduced barriers to access and fostered a sense of community, belonging, and public ownership in the master planning process    

    John Dargle
    Atlanta Department of Parks and Recreation

  • Using innovation to provide exceptional experiences has been a key ingredient to our success. HappiFeetTM will allow us to quickly identify and address issues reported by our customers in real time. It's fast and easy to use - and one more way to show our commitment to our customers.   

    Michael Klitzing
    Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation

  • HappiFeetTM provided us a multiplatform, smart phone solution to stay connected with our patrons. Real time feedback, location mapping, information sharing at the fingertips of our citizens. Not only can we respond quickly to concerns in our system (or acknowledge their compliments), we also have an additional platform to get the word out about our services, programs, and events.    

    Richard Garland
    Parks and Recreation Director
    Smyrna, GA

  • "We are always looking for new ways to utilize technology to engage with our customers. Thanks to the HAPPiFEETTM app, we will be able to receive instant feedback that will help us improve the services we provide to the community".

    Greg Weitzel
    (Former) Parks and Recreation Director
    Idaho Falls, ID

  • "We chose HAPPiFEETTM so we could know and understand [quickly] what our customers are experiencing in our parks. Knowing the challenges and issues park users face and being able to respond quickly we feel will help make our park system even better".

    Sean Fletcher
    Director of
    Kalamazoo Parks and Recreation

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